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What time does your alarm clock go off? Ours goes offat 5:30 a.m.! What time do we finish at PostNL in Venlo? Thatdepends on the process! Normally we finish around 2:30 p.m. Howmuch will you earn as a logistics employee? That is € 13,68 perhour. On Saturdays even € 19,15 per hour! Do you see yourselfsorting packages? Or processing returned packages? Then applynow!

What we offer

  • An hourly wage of €13,68.
  • Surcharge of 40% onSaturdays.
  • Weeklypayment!
  • Before 6 a.m. 30%surcharge.
  • Working only in the morninghours.
  • A Dutch languagecourse.

Who youare

Starting your day early isalso ending your workday early again. That’s what you do as alogistics employee at PostNL in Venlo. That is exactly what you arelooking for! You can also perform physicalwork.

  • you can apply for aVOG
  • you speak NL and/orEnglish
  • you have transportation to get to thework location

What will youdo

But what are you going to doas a logistics employee? We put all packages on the sortingmachine. It’s not very complicated, but it does require a certainfocus! Label at the top? Yes! Then it can be put on the belt. Thisis how you empty your entire roll container! Other colleagues startsorting, so we get everything out on time! You may also be asked toprocess the return parcels! If a PostNL delivery man is standing infront of a closed door, the package comes back to us. So we have toprocess them so that the delivery driver can deliver the packagethe next day. Please note; packages can weigh up to 25kilograms.

  • Working hours 05:30 – 12:00(end time may vary).
  • Working days Monday tillSaturday.
  • Part-time and full-timeoptions.

Where will youwork

You will be working as alogistics employee at PostNL in Venlo, located on Popeweg. This islocated in the Tradeport West part of Venlo. It is therefore easyto reach by car. Together with international colleagues, youprocess thousands of packages per day.


Apply now as alogistics employee in the morning process at PostNL in Venlo! Afteryour application, I will call you in one working day. Does thephone call go well? Then you can come on a tour atPostNL.

Uiteraard staat deze vacature open voor iedereendie zich hierin herkent.

Om tesolliciteren heb je een account nodig. Bij je eerste sollicitatiemaak je dit eenvoudig via het sollicitatieformulier aan. Bij eenvolgende sollicitatie kun je inloggen en worden je gegevensopgehaald. Met je account kun je inloggen op Mijn Tempo-Team. Hierkun je de voortgang van je sollicitatie(s) volgen en jepersoonlijke gegevens en cv aanvullen zodat wij de beste baan voorjou kunnen vinden.

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